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Links to other sites

In this page some links to general sites are presented.
Linguistic sites
Gutenberg project
Familiar quotations
List of resources for the Aeneid
Catiline and links.
The Heathen's place
Academic Info : Ancient History
Internet Classics Archive
Dutch-Latin On-line Dictionary
The Gutenberg project
The German variation. Very few Roman authors
Latein Link Lexicon
Links to many persons and concepts, in German
Roman History
University of Alberta, Department of History and Classics
Ohio State University Libraries
Classics, German, Linguistics, and Romance Languages Reading Room (CLA)
Early Roman History
University of Alberta, Department of History and Classics
Index of Art
University of Kentucky
Library of University of Amsterdam, mostly links. Description in Dutch.
Other links
Contains many interesting links
Forum Romanum
Ancient Rome
Bill Thayer's Website, with an exensive collection of links.
Steven Saylor Web Site
Gordianus and links.
Classical Archive
Rome project
From the Dalton school. Mainly links
The Roman empire
Baths's, glass and many other things.
Ancient Rome
Many links.
Maps and history
Maps of different parts of the imperium, history 1-168 AD
Websites of interest
Links to Roman subjects, largely from Augustus time.
Fictional Rome
Information about historical Novels set in Ancient Roman Times.
Satura Lanx (in Dutch)