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Links to documents

Links to: Modern documents.

  • Encycl. of Emperors: Augustus
  • Lists: Genealogy of the Julian/Cladian family
  • Antony Chapter 31: Antony marries Octavia
  • Antony Chapter 33: Ventidius defeats Partian armies
  • Antony Chapter 35: Treaty of Tarentum
  • Antony Chapter 53: Octavia tries to visit Antony. Cleopatra defers a new war with Parthia
  • Antony Chapter 54: Octavia returns to Rome; Cleopatra crowned queen.
  • Antony Chapter 56: Antony and Cleopatra go to Samos
  • Antony Chapter 57: Antony and Cleopatra go to Athens
  • Antony Chapter 59: Mediation does not work
  • Antony Chapter 72: Treason of Alexas
  • Antony Chapter 83: Octavian visits Cleopatra
  • Antony Chapter 87: His descendency
  • Marcellus Chapter 30:
  • Publicola, chapter 17: War of Porsena against Rome: Mucius Scaevolae