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Links to documents

Links to: Modern documents.

  • The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
  • Cath.Encycl.: Doctrine of Addai
  • Cath.Encycl.: Druidism
  • Cath.Encycl.: Early Historical Documents of Jesus Christ
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. John the Baptist
  • Cath.Encycl.: Marcionites
  • Cath.Encycl.: Monophysites and Monophysitism
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. Paul
  • Cath.Encycl.: Pontius Pilate
  • Cath.Encycl.: Tiberius
  • Cath.Encycl.: St. Veronica
  • Colombia Encyclopedia: Tiberius
  • Encycl. of Emperors: Augustus
  • Encycl. of Emperors: Romulus Augustulus
  • Encycl. of Emperors: Caligula
  • Encycl. of Emperors: Tiberius Gemellus
  • Encycl. of Emperors: An on-line Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
  • Encycl. of Emperors: Tiberius
  • Chapter 37: The Cimbrians
  • History of Frisia
  • Mad emperors
  • Boise State Univ.: Augustus' Later Years
  • Boise State Univ.: Death of Augustus
  • Boise State Univ.: Tiberius (14-37)
  • Boise State Univ.: Persecutions
  • Boise State Univ.: Caligula (37-41)
  • Judea: The birth of Jesus
  • Judea: De geboorte van Jezus.
  • Judea: Herodes Agrippa
  • Judea: Herod Agrippa
  • Judea: Governors: Pilate
  • Judea: Stadhouders: Pilatus.
  • Lists: Genealogy of the Julian/Cladian family
  • Lists: Clemens canonical list of Romans
  • Lists: Consuls from -300
  • Lists: Emperors
  • Lists: Kings, Consuls, Emperors
  • Ovid XV Chapter 16: 745-842 The deification of Julius Caesar
  • List of coins
  • List of images
  • Galba Chapter 9: On Nymphidius Sabinus
  • Unorth.views: Early Christian beliefs. Rituals and doctrines.
  • Unorth.views: The early Christians. The Death of James.
  • Unorth.views: The first Church. James the Just.
  • Unorth.views: Discoveries by the Dead Sea
  • Unorth.views: Going forth to rule the world. The expansion of Ju
  • Unorth.views: Asellus. Jesus outside the New testament.
  • Unorth.views: The last supper.
  • Unorth.views: Preparing the way. The way of the Lord.
  • Unorth.views: The Way: 12. The Messiah Projects: Jesus, The Son
  • Wikipedia: Tiberius