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Tacitus' Annales


Book I
(A.D. 14-15)
Revolt in Pannonia and Germania.
Germanicus refuses to become emperor and subdues the revolt.
War with Arminius
Book II
(A.D. 16-19)
Last expedition in of Germanicus in Germany.
Germanicus goes East. Problems with Piso.
Visit to Egypte. Death of Germanicus.
Book III
(A.D. 20-22)
Piso returns to Rome, is accused of murder and dies, suicide or murder
Revolt in Gaul.
Revolt in Africa by Tacfarinas
Book IV
(A.D. 23-28)
Drusus murdered by Livilla and Sejanus
Revolt in Africa by Tacfarinas
Continuing complots of Sejanus
Revolt by Thracians and Frisians.
Book V
(A.D. 29-31)
Only the first 5 (dealing with the death of Livia and further plots against Agrippina) and the last 6 chapters (dealing with some effects of the fall of Sejanus) of this book remain. The middle part, dealing e.g. with the fall of Sejanus, is lost. Book VI
(A.D. 32-37)
Sejanus is dead and his friends are prosecuted.
Trouble in Parthia
Agrippina dies
Death of Tiberius
Books VII - X are lost. The first chapters of book XI are also lost.
Book XI
(A.D. 47-48)
Crimes and fall of Messalina Book XII
(A.D. 48-54)
Claudius marries Agrippina. Problems in Armenia and Britain. Death of Claudius
(A.D. 54-58)
Nero emperor. Poppaea. Problems in Armenia and Germania Book XIV
(A.D. 59-62)
Death of Agrippina. Revolt in Britain. Death of Octavia.
Book XV
(A.D. 62-65)
Problems in Armenia. Conspiration of Piso. Death of Seneca Book XVI
(A.D. 65-66)
The death of many people, incl. Thrasea. Last part of book is missing.