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List of used abbreviations:
Tacitus' Agricola.
Tacitus' Annals.
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar
Tacitus' Germania.
The Goths, by Jordanes.
Histories, by Tacitus.
History of Rome, by Livy.
Mispogon by Julian
New Testament.
Metamorphosis by Ovid.
Parallel lives by Plutarch.
Suetonius 12 Caesars
Virgil Aeneid.
Agr Chapter 28: Agricola in Britain. The journey of the Usepii
Ann Book I Chapter 64: War with the Germans. Caecina in problems
Ann Book I Chapter 70: War with the Germans. Vitellius in problems
Ann Book II Chapter 8: War with the Germans. The Chatti (cont.)
Ann Book II Chapter 23: War with the Germans. Trouble at sea.
Ann Book IV Chapter 30: Father and son Serenus (cont.)
Ann Book IV Chapter 49: Revolt in Thracia (cont.)
Ann Book XI Chapter 20: The Rhine - Meuse canal
Ann Book XII Chapter 51: War between Armenia and Iberia (cont.
Ann Book XII Chapter 57: Problems with the tunnel
Ann Book XII Chapter 63: On Byzantium
Ann Book XIII Chapter 16: Murder of Britannicus (cont.)
Ann Book XIII Chapter 57: Events in the North. Chatti and Hermunduri
Ann Book XIV Chapter 3: The Murder of Agrippina Minor. Plans are made
Ann Book XIV Chapter 24: War between Armenia/Rome and Iberia/Parthia. Tigranocerta conquered
Ann Book XIV Chapter 29: Further problems in Britain. Mona attacked
Ann Book XV Chapter 3: War between Armenia/Rome and Iberia/Parthia (cont.)
Ann Book XV Chapter 42: The Golden House
Ann Book XV Chapter 43: The rebuilding of Rome
Ann Book XV Chapter 44: Prosecution of the Christians
Ann Book XV Chapter 45: Poverty in the empire
Ann Book XV Chapter 64: Death of Seneca (cont.)
Ann Book XV Chapter 69: The conspiracy of Piso. Death of Vestinus
Dbg Book IV Chapter 11: War with the Germans. Return of the embassadors.
Dbg Book IV Chapter 17: War with the Germans. A bridge is constructed.
Dbg Book IV Chapter 24: Caesar in Britain. Landing problems(cont.)
Dbg Book IV Chapter 28: Caesar in Britain. The cavalry in storm at sea.
Dbg Book V Chapter 13: Caesar in Britain. Britain, Ireland, Man.
Dbg Book V Chapter 18: Caesar in Britain. Caesar crosses the Thames.
Dbg Book VI Chapter 44: Revolt of the Gauls. Peace in Gaul.
Dbg Book VII Chapter 36: Caesar and Vercingetorix. Siege of Gergovia begins.
Dbg Book VII Chapter 56: Caesar and Vercingetorix. Caesar crosses the Loire.
Dbg Book VII Chapter 72: Caesar and Vercingetorix. Caesar's fortifications.
Ger Chapter 22: Life at home
Gth Chapter 5: About Scythia.
Gth Chapter 16: The third century.
Gth Chapter 40: Battle of the Catalaunic Fields. Death of Theodorid.
His Book II Chapter 34: Otho versus Vitellius. Across the Padus
His Book II Chapter 39: Otho versus Vitellius. The army of Otho
His Book II Chapter 43: Otho versus Vitellius. The battle of Bedriacum (cont.)
His Book II Chapter 49: Otho versus Vitellius. Death of Otho
His Book II Chapter 93: Revolt of Vespasian. Vitellius' army
His Book III Chapter 32: Vitellius versus Antonius Primus. On Cremona
His Book III Chapter 47: Revolt of Anicetus
His Book IV Chapter 16: The Batavian Uprise. The start
His Book IV Chapter 53: Vespasian emperor. The Capitol is rebuilt
His Book V Chapter 3: The Jews. Their history according to Tacitus (cont.)
His Book V Chapter 6: The Jews. Their country according to Tacitus
His Book V Chapter 12: Jewish-Roman War. The siege of Jerusalem (cont.)
His Book V Chapter 14: The Batavian Uprise. Civilis at Castra Vetera
His Book V Chapter 23: The Batavian Uprise. A naval demonstration
Hor Book I Chapter 4: The story of Romulus. Birth and Uprearing.
Hor Book I Chapter 11: War with the Sabines.
Hor Book I Chapter 27: The treachery of Mettius Fufetius.
Hor Book I Chapter 38: Surrender of Collatia. Conquest of Latium. Undertakings in Rome.
Hor Book I Chapter 39: Birth and Youth of Servius Tullius.
Hor Book I Chapter 45: League with the Latins.
Hor Book II Chapter 5: Brutus and his sons.
Hor Book IV Chapter 30: Truce with the Aequi -- Internal Affairs.
Hor Book V Chapter 15: War with Veii. The Rise of the Alban Lake. Mission to Delphi.
Hor Book V Chapter 19: The Capture of Veii.
Hor Book V Chapter 51: The Speech of Camillus against migrating to Veii.
Hor Book VII Chapter 26: Marcus Valerius Corvus -- Defeat of the Gauls.
Hor Book VIII Chapter 24: Death of Alexander of Epirus.
Hor Book IX Chapter 2: War with the Samnites. The Caudine Fork.
Hor Book XXI Chapter 5: Hannibal conquers some Spanish tribes
Hor Book XXI Chapter 27: The crossing of the Rhone (cont.)
Hor Book XXI Chapter 28: The crossing of the Rhone (cont.)
Hor Book XXI Chapter 31: Through the country of the Allobroges
Hor Book XXI Chapter 54: An ambush is prepared.
Hor Book XXI Chapter 58: A storm attacks Hannibal
Hor Book XXII Chapter 2: Hannibal marches through the Apennines
Hor Book XXII Chapter 6: The Romans defeated.
Hor Book XXII Chapter 44: Disagreement among the Romans
Hor Book XXII Chapter 59: A delegate of the prisoners speaks
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 19: Casilinum besieged again and conquered
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 34: When returning the embassy is captured by the Romans
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 10: Further elections and prodigies.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 34: Archimedes
Hor Book XXV Chapter 4: Posthumius convicted.
Hor Book XXV Chapter 26: A plague in Syracuse.
Hor Book XXVI Chapter 45: The first attack is not successful.
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 11: Omens; actions of the Senate
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 47: Hasdrubal withdraws his army
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 7: Opus and Thronium
Msp Chapter 5
Nwt First letter of John Chapter 5
Nwt First letter of Peter Chapter 3
Nwt First letter of Paul to the Timotheus Chapter 5
Nwt Second letter of Peter Chapter 2
Nwt Second letter of Peter Chapter 3
Nwt Acts chapter 1
Nwt Acts chapter 8
Nwt Acts chapter 10
Nwt Acts chapter 11
Nwt Letter of Paul to the Ephesians Chapter 5
Nwt Letter to the Hebrews Chapter 9
Nwt Letter to the Hebrews Chapter 10
Nwt Letter of James Chapter 3
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 1.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 2.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 3.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 4.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 5.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 7.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 13.
Nwt Gospel of John Chapter 19.
Nwt Letter of Jude Chapter 1
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 3.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 7.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 8.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 16.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 22.
Nwt Gospel of Mark Chapter 1.
Nwt Gospel of Mark Chapter 9.
Nwt Gospel of Mark Chapter 14.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 3.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 10.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 14.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 17.
Nwt Gospel of Matthew Chapter 27.
Nwt Revelations Chapter 12
Nwt Revelations Chapter 16
Nwt Revelations Chapter 21
Nwt Revelations Chapter 22
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 6: 481-575 Hecuba's lament and transformation
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 12: 738-788 Acis and Galatea
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 13: 789-869 The song of Polyphemus
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 14: 870-897 Acis is turned into a river-god
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 15: 898-968 Glaucus tells Scylla of his transformation
Ovd Ovid XIV Chapter 1: 1-74 The transformation of Scylla
Ovd Ovid XIV Chapter 14: 581-608 The deification of Aeneas
Ovd Ovid XIV Chapter 18: 772-804 War and reconciliation with the Sabines
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 2: 60-142 Pythagoras' Teachings: Vegetarianism
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 6: 237-258 Pythagoras' Teachings:The Elements
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 7: 259-306 Pythagoras' Teachings:Geological changes
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 8: 307-360 Pythagoras' Teachings:Physical changes
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 13: 479-546 The transformation of Hippolytus
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 14: 552-621 Cipus acquires horns
Plt Antony Chapter 1: His grandfather and his father.
Plt Antony Chapter 3: In Judea and Egypt
Plt Antony Chapter 7: Antony crosses the Adriatic sea
Plt Antony Chapter 17: Modena
Plt Antony Chapter 28: Antony stays with Cleopatra
Plt Antony Chapter 29: Cleopatra entertains Antony
Plt Antony Chapter 34: Antony against Parthia
Plt Antony Chapter 41: Antony retreats.
Plt Antony Chapter 46: Antony is warned for an ambush
Plt Antony Chapter 47: Antony chooses another way.
Plt Antony Chapter 63: Discussions and desertions
Plt Antony Chapter 69: Cleopatra tries to drag her fleet to the Red sea.
Plt Aemilius Chapter 13: Water problems for Aemilius
Plt Aemilius Chapter 20: Cato recovers his sword
Plt Aemilius Chapter 22: Perseus flees to the temple of Castor and Pollux for refuge
Plt Caesar Chapter 16: The loyalty of his soldiers
Plt Caesar Chapter 23: Caesar's war with the Germans and in Britain
Plt Caesar Chapter 38: Civil war; battle of Dyrrhachium (cont.)
Plt Caesar Chapter 49: Julius Caesar in Egypt; siege of Alexandria
Plt Caesar Chapter 58: Plans of Caesar
Plt Camillus, chapter 3: The Alban Lake
Plt Camillus, chapter 4: Oracles around the Alban Lake
Plt Coriolanus, Chapter 1: His youth
Plt Coriolanus, Chapter 6: The story of Agrippa
Plt Galba Chapter 19: Nero and Otho
Plt Lucullus Chapter 3: Het lets Mithridates escape
Plt Lucullus Chapter 13: Mithridates escapes to Pontus
Plt Lucullus Chapter 24: Lucullus marches against Tigranes
Plt Marcellus Chapter 29: Marcellus trappd and killed
Plt Numa, chapter 10: Religious reforms by Numa: Vestals
Plt Otho Chapter 4: Otho versus Vitellius; letters and omens
Plt Otho Chapter 11: Otho versus Vitellius; start of the battle of Bedriacum
Plt Otho Chapter 17: Otho versus Vitellius; Othe commits suicide
Plt Pompey Chapter 32: Pompey against Mithridates. Mithridates defeated
Plt Pompey Chapter 35: The Albanians revolt.
Plt Pompey Chapter 76: Civil war: it is decided to go to Egypt
Plt Publicola, chapter 8: The properties of Tarquin are destroyed
Plt Romulus, chapter 23: The dart of Romulus
Plt Sertorius Chapter 7: Sertorius withdraws to Mauretania
Plt Sertorius Chapter 8: The Islands of the Blest
Plt Sertorius Chapter 13: Sertorius in Spain; fighting Metellus
Stn Augustus, Chapter 42: On gifts.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 77: His drinking.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 82: Other habits.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 20: Public works.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 32: Entertainments.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 40: Indifference and unconcern (cont.)
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 44: Julius Caesar Dictator. Public works.
Stn Nero, Chapter 12: Entertainment (cont.)
Stn Nero, Chapter 27: His vices
Stn Nero, Chapter 31: The Golden House
Stn Nero, Chapter 48: His last day
Stn Nero, Chapter 49: Suicide of Nero
Stn Nero, Chapter 56: His religiosity
Stn Otho, Chapter 11: Revolt of Vitellius. Suicide of Otho (cont.)
Stn Tiberius Chapter 14: Tiberius on Rhodes (cont.)
Stn Tiberius Chapter 49: Disaster at Fidenae.
Stn Tiberius Chapter 59: A poem about all of it.
Stn Tiberius Chapter 62: Further cruelties.
Stn Vitellius, Chapter 12: Vitellius emperor
Stn Vitellius, Chapter 14: Cruelty
Vrg Book I Chapter 37: A feast
Vrg Book IV Chapter 26: Last preparations
Vrg Book IV Chapter 27: Suicide of Dido
Vrg Book VI Chapter 3: Prayer to Apollo
Vrg Book VII Chapter 12: Ilioneus explains
Vrg Book IX Chapter 1: Juno sends Iris to Turnus
Vrg Book X Chapter 8: More allies: Cinyrus and Cupavo
Vrg Book X Chapter 34: Lament of Mezentius