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List of used abbreviations:
Tacitus' Agricola.
Tacitus' Annals.
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar
Tacitus' Germania.
The Goths, by Jordanes.
Histories, by Tacitus.
History of Rome, by Livy.
Mispogon by Julian
New Testament.
Metamorphosis by Ovid.
Parallel lives by Plutarch.
Suetonius 12 Caesars
Virgil Aeneid.
Ann Book I Chapter 11: The start of Tiberius(cont.)
Ann Book I Chapter 13: The start of Tiberius(cont.)
Ann Book I Chapter 17: Revolt in Pannonia. Speech of Percennius
Ann Book II Chapter 10: War with the Germans. Arminius and his brother(cont.)
Ann Book III Chapter 36: Conviction of Rufilla
Ann Book IV Chapter 8: Murder of Drusus. Death of Drusus
Ann Book IV Chapter 17: Appointment of a priest. (cont.)
Ann Book IV Chapter 70: Prosecutions for Majestas: Titius Sabinus (cont.)
Ann Book XII Chapter 68: Death of Claudius. Actions of Agrippina
Ann Book XIII Chapter 57: Events in the North. Chatti and Hermunduri
Ann Book XIV Chapter 8: The Murder of Agrippina Minor. Success
Ann Book XV Chapter 44: Prosecution of the Christians
Ann Book XVI Chapter 22: Death of Thrasea Paetus (cont.)
Ann Book XVI Chapter 31: Death of Soranus (cont.)
Dbg Book I Chapter 16: March of the Helvetii. Corn shortage.
Dbg Book I Chapter 20: March of the Helvetii. Divitiacus mediates.
Gth Chapter 49: The death of Attila.
His Book I Chapter 50: Revolt of Vitellius
His Book I Chapter 63: Revolt of Vitellius. Massacre at Divodurum
His Book I Chapter 82: Revolt of Vitellius. Otho restrains the 7th cohort
His Book II Chapter 3: Titus returns (cont.)
His Book II Chapter 44: Otho versus Vitellius. The battle of Bedriacum (cont.)
His Book II Chapter 48: Otho versus Vitellius. Last acts of Otho
His Book III Chapter 38: Blaesus murdered
His Book IV Chapter 46: Nearly a mutiny
His Book IV Chapter 60: The Batavian Uprise. The camp falls and is plundered
Hor Book I Chapter 18: Numa Pompilius elected King.
Hor Book II Chapter 40: Third war of Rome and Volscians. Veturia and Volumnia
Hor Book II Chapter 49: The Fabii against the Veii.
Hor Book III Chapter 7: War against Aequi and Volscians (Cont.)
Hor Book III Chapter 12: The Trial of Caeso.
Hor Book III Chapter 58: Suicide of Appius and Spurius Oppius
Hor Book V Chapter 18: War with Faliscans and Capenae.
Hor Book V Chapter 22: After the Fall of Veii
Hor Book VI Chapter 20: The Treason of Marcus Manlius Capitolinus. The death of Manlius.
Hor Book VII Chapter 30:The Appeal of the Campanians.
Hor Book VII Chapter 40: Marcus Valerius restores Peace and Concord.
Hor Book VIII Chapter 33: Papirius and Fabius. In the Senate.
Hor Book IX Chapter 20: New alliances.
Hor Book X Chapter 7: The Ogulnian Law. Speech of Decius.
Hor Book X Chapter 28: Devotion and death of Decius.
Hor Book XXI Chapter 41: Speech of Scipio (cont.)
Hor Book XXII Chapter 5: The battle of lake Trasimenus
Hor Book XXII Chapter 14: Minucius complains
Hor Book XXII Chapter 18: Hannibal escapes and withdraws to Apulia.
Hor Book XXII Chapter 57: Several measures
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 8: Perolla considers murdering Hannibal
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 20: The Petilini threatened. Rome cabn give no aid.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 21: The murderers try to get the power in Syracuse
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 26: The whole family of Hiero is murdered.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 32: Epicydes and Hippocrates take over Syracuse
Hor Book XXV Chapter 1: On Titus Pomponius Veientanus
Hor Book XXV Chapter 33: The Celtiberians desert Rome.
Hor Book XXVI Chapter 23: Prodigies and Elections.
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 45: Claudius Nero speaks to his soldiers and marches on
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 50: The news arrives in Rome
Msp Chapter 10
Nwt First letter of Peter Chapter 3
Nwt First letter of Paul to the Thessalonians Chapter 1
Nwt First letter of Paul to the Timotheus Chapter 2
Nwt First letter of Paul to the Timotheus Chapter 5
Nwt Seond letter of Paul to Timotheus Chapter 1
Nwt Acts chapter 2
Nwt Acts chapter 10
Nwt Letter of Paul to the Colossians Chapter 4
Nwt Letter of Paul to the Ephesians Chapter 1
Nwt Letter to the Hebrews Chapter 5
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 2.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 5.
Nwt Gospel of Luke Chapter 20.
Nwt Gospel of Mark Chapter 12.
Nwt Letter of Paul to Philemon Chapter 1
Nwt Revelations Chapter 5
Nwt Revelations Chapter 8
Nwt Letter of Paul to the Romans Chapter 1
Nwt Letter of Paul to the Romans Chapter 15
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 1: 1-122 The debate over the arms: Ajax speaks
Ovd Ovid XIII Chapter 13: 789-869 The song of Polyphemus
Ovd Ovid XIV Chapter 1: 1-74 The transformation of Scylla
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 2: 60-142 Pythagoras' Teachings: Vegetarianism
Ovd Ovid XV Chapter 17: 843-870 Ovid's celebration of Augustus
Plt Antony Chapter 85: Suicide of Cleopatra
Plt Camillus, chapter 14: Camillus fined
Plt Camillus, chapter 23: Albinius helps the Vestal Virgins
Plt Coriolanus, Chapter 33: The women of Rome appeal to Veturia and Volumnia
Plt Numa, chapter 10: Religious reforms by Numa: Vestals
Plt Numa, chapter 14: Dialogue with Jupiter
Stn Tiberius Chapter 13: Tiberius on Rhodes (cont.)
Stn Titus, Chapter 5: A revolutionary?
Stn Titus, Chapter 9: His generosity (cont.)
Vrg Book III Chapter 11: To Leucate
Vrg Book III Chapter 24: Achaemenides
Vrg Book IV Chapter 3: Bad omens
Vrg Book IV Chapter 18: Aeneas is not persuaded
Vrg Book V Chapter 31: Venus speaks to Neptune
Vrg Book VI Chapter 3: Prayer to Apollo
Vrg Book VIII Chapter 10: The tale of Hercules and Cacus
Vrg Book XI Chapter 6: Lament over Pallas
Vrg Book XI Chapter 26: The killing by Camilla

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