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Links of Subject: Praetors

List of used abbreviations:
Tacitus' Agricola.
Tacitus' Annals.
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
De Bello Gallico, by Julius Caesar
Tacitus' Germania.
The Goths, by Jordanes.
Histories, by Tacitus.
History of Rome, by Livy.
Mispogon by Julian
New Testament.
Metamorphosis by Ovid.
Parallel lives by Plutarch.
Suetonius 12 Caesars
Virgil Aeneid.
Ann Book I Chapter 75: At the Praetor's tribunal
Ann Book I Chapter 77: Trouble in the theatre
Ann Book IV Chapter 14: Embassies from Greece
Ann Book XI Chapter 11: Celebration of the century
Ann Book XII Chapter 60: On the commissioners of the imperial treasury
Ann Book XIII Chapter 28: On tribunes
Ann Book XIII Chapter 29: On commissioners
Ann Book XIV Chapter 20: Nero as an artist (cont.)
Ann Book XIV Chapter 28: Decisions
Ann Book XV Chapter 25: War between Armenia/Rome and Iberia/Parthia (cont.)
Aug The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
His Book IV Chapter 9: Poverty of the state
Hor Content of Book XIX
Hor Content of Book XX
Hor Book III Chapter 55: New Laws proposed by the Consuls.
Hor Book VIII Chapter 3: The Revolt of the Latins and Campanians.
Hor Book VIII Chapter 32: Papirius and Fabius. The tribunal.
Hor Book VIII Chapter 39: The Samnites again defeated (Cont.)
Hor Book X Chapter 22: Elections in Rome.
Hor Book XXII Chapter 7: Consequenses of the battle.
Hor Book XXII Chapter 10: Many vows made to the gods
Hor Book XXII Chapter 25: Fabius and the senate
Hor Book XXII Chapter 35: Varro elected
Hor Book XXII Chapter 55: Fabius takes the lead.
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 21: Scarcity everywhere
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 24: Postumius defeated and killed in Gaul
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 30: Hannibal conquers Petilia, Consentia and Croton.
Hor Book XXIII Chapter 32: Further decisions are made.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 9: New elections
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 10: Further elections and prodigies.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 12: Capua fears an attack
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 23: A new gouvernement is chosen in Syracuse.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 24: A plot of Andranodorus and Themistus misfires
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 25: Sopater defends the killing of Andranodorus and Themistus
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 26: The whole family of Hiero is murdered.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 27: Epicydes and Hippocrates elected praetor
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 28: Considerations of an assembly.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 30: Leontini retaken by the Romans
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 31: Epicydes and Hippocrates cause problems.
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 32: Epicydes and Hippocrates take over Syracuse
Hor Book XXIV Chapter 43: Elections in Rome
Hor Book XXV Chapter 2: Appointments
Hor Book XXV Chapter 3: The Appointed people start their work. Posthumius charged.
Hor Book XXV Chapter 12: Due to a prophecy the Apollinarian games are instituted.
Hor Book XXV Chapter 16: Titus Sempronius Gracchus betrayed.
Hor Book XXV Chapter 29: A speech is delivered. Deserters create havoc.
Hor Book XXV Chapter 41: Marcellus wins. Elections in Rome.
Hor Book XXVI Chapter 1: Appointments
Hor Book XXVI Chapter 23: Prodigies and Elections.
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 6: Elections
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 7: Appointments; Sardinia attacked.
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 21: Marcellus defends himself; elections
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 23: Bad omens and celebrations
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 35: Marcus Livius and Claudius Nero reconciled
Hor Book XXVII Chapter 36: Hasdrubal in Gaul. Appointments.
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 10: Elections
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 38: Elections. Scipio consul.
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 45: Scipio gets Sicily assigned and prepares an army and a fleet.
Hor Book XXXVIII Chapter 46: Mago attacks the North of Italy
Plt Antony Chapter 17: Modena
Plt Aemilius Chapter 3: Aemilius in Spain
Plt Caesar Chapter 5: Caesar quastor in Spain
Plt Caesar Chapter 42: Civil war; Battle of Pharsalus (cont.)
Plt Caesar Chapter 51: Caesar at Rome
Plt Caesar Chapter 57: The clemency of Caesar
Plt Caesar Chapter 60: Did Caesar want to become king?
Plt Fabius, Chapter 19: Fabius and Marcellus
Plt Lucullus Chapter 33: Lucullus as a person
Plt Pompey Chapter 14: Pompey gets a triumph
Plt Pompey Chapter 24: Pirates
Plt Pompey Chapter 51: Manipulations of Caesar
Plt Sertorius Chapter 22: Sertorius in Spain; complots.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 36: Further political measures.
Stn Augustus, Chapter 37: Further political measures
Stn Augustus, Chapter 89: His literature.
Stn Claudius, Chapter 24: Honours.
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 23: The Gallic War
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 41: Julius Caesar Dictator
Stn Julius Caesar, Chapter 76: Julius Caesar Dictator. His pride.
Stn Nero, Chapter 12: Entertainment (cont.)
Stn Nero, Chapter 21: Nero as an artist (cont.)

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