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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book X Chapter 13: Tarchon
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Aeneas straightway from his lofty ships
lets down his troop by bridges. Some await
the ebbing of slack seas, and boldly leap
into the shallows; others ply the oar.
Tarchon a beach discovers, where the sands
sing not, nor waves with broken murmur fall,
but full and silent swells the gentle sea.
Steering in haste that way, he called his crews:
Now bend to your stout oars, my chosen brave.
Lift each ship forward, till her beak shall cleave
yon hostile shore; and let her keel's full weight
the furrow drive. I care not if we break
our ship's side in so sure an anchorage,
if once we land. While Tarchon urged them thus,
the crews bent all together to their blades
and sped their foaming barks to Latium's plain,
till each beak gripped the sand and every keel
lay on dry land unscathed: -- all save thine own,
O Tarchon! dashed upon a sand-bar, she!
Long poised upon the cruel ridge she hung,
tilted this way or that and beat the waves,
then split, and emptied forth upon the tide
her warriors; and now the drifting wreck
of shattered oars and thwarts entangles them,
or ebb of swirling waters sucks them down.

Event: Aeneas relieves the siege of the Trojan camp

Interea Aeneas socios de puppibus altis
pontibus exponit. multi seruare recursus
languentis pelagi et breuibus se credere saltu,
per remos alii. speculatus litora Tarchon,
qua uada non sperat nec fracta remurmurat unda,
sed mare inoffensum crescenti adlabitur aestu,
aduertit subito proras sociosque precatur:
'nunc, o lecta manus, ualidis incumbite remis;
tollite, ferte rates, inimicam findite rostris
hanc terram, sulcumque sibi premat ipsa carina.
frangere nec tali puppim statione recuso
arrepta tellure semel.' quae talia postquam
effatus Tarchon, socii consurgere tonsis
spumantisque rates aruis inferre Latinis,
donec rostra tenent siccum et sedere carinae
omnes innocuae. sed non puppis tua, Tarchon:
namque inflicta uadis, dorso dum pendet iniquo
anceps sustentata diu fluctusque fatigat,
soluitur atque uiros mediis exponit in undis,
fragmina remorum quos et fluitantia transtra
impediunt retrahitque pedes simul unda relabens.