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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Vitellius, Chapter 11: Vitellius in Rome[AD 69]
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Finally he entered the city to the sound of the trumpet, wearing a general's mantle and a sword at his side, amid standards and banners, with his staff in military cloaks and his troops with drawn swords. Then showing greater and greater disregard for the laws of gods and men, he assumed the office of high priest on the day of Allia [A day of especially ill omen, because of the defeat by the Gauls in 390 B.C.E.], held elections for ten years to come, and made himself consul for life. And to leave no doubt in anyone's mind what model he chose for the government of the State, he made funerary offerings to Nero in the middle of the Campus Martius, attended by a great throng of the official priests; and when at the accompanying banquet a flute-player was received with applause, he openly urged him "to render something from the Master's Book [That is, the " Dominicus Liber, a collection of Nero's composition] as well"; and when he began the songs of Nero, Vitellius was the first to applaud him and even jumped for joy.

Event: Vitellius emperor

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Standard:When an army was in camp, they were fixed in the ground, each marking the station of the cohort to which it belonged; when they were taken up it was the signal for breaking up the camp and commencing the march.
Flute-players:The guild of flute-players was from very early times a large and wealthy one, as they attended most of the sacrificial functions and games, and as a rule supplied the music at funerals. They were not only well paid but treated with great respect. Their annual festival when they perambulated the City was on June 13.