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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Domitian, Chapter 5: His restorations
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He [Note 1] restored many splendid buildings which had been destroyed by fire among them the Capitolium, which had again been burned [In 80 C.E.; it had previously been destroyed by fire in 69; see Vitellius], but in all cases with the inscription of his own name only, and with no mention of the original builder. Furthermore, he built a new temple on the Capitoline hill in honor of Jupiter Custos and the forum which now bears the name of Nerva; likewise a temple to the Flavian family, a stadium, an Odeum, and a pool for sea-fights. From the stone used in this last the Circus Maximus was afterwards rebuilt, when both sides of it had been destroyed by fire.

Note 1: he = Domitian

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