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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Tiberius Chapter 8: Start of Tiberius' civil career
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He [Note 1] began his civil career by a defence of king Archelaus, the people of Tralles, and those of Thessaly, before the judgment seat of Augustus, the charge in each case being different. He made a plea to the Senate in behalf of the citizens of Laodicea, Thyatira and Chios, who had suffered loss from an earthquake and begged for help. Fannius Caepio, who had conspired with Varro Murena against Augustus [23 B.C.], he arraigned for high treason and secured his condemnation. In the meantime he undertook two public charges: that of the grain supply, which, as it happened, was deficient; and the investigation of the slave-prisons throughout Italy, the owners of which had gained a bad reputation; for they were charged with holding in durance not only travellers, but also those whom dread of military service had driven to such places of concealment.

Note 1: Tiberius

Ciuilium officiorum rudimentis regem Archelaum Trallianos et Thessalos, uaria quosque de causa, Augusto cognoscente defendit; pro Laodicenis Thyatirenis Chiis terrae motu afflictis opemque implorantibus senatum deprecatus est; Fannium Caepionem, qui cum Varrone Murena in Augustum conspirauerat, reum maiestatis apud iudices fecit et condemnauit. interque haec duplicem curam administrauit, annonae quae artior inciderat, et repurgandorum tota Italia ergastulorum, quorum domini in inuidiam uenerant quasi exceptos supprimerent non solum uiatores sed et quos sacramenti metus ad eius modi latebras compulisset.