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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 25: The Gallic War. Survey.[59-52 BC]
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[58-49 B.C.] During the nine years of his command this is in substance what he [Note 1] did. All that part of Gallia which is bounded by the Pyrenees, the Alps and the CÚvennes, and by the Rhine and Rhone rivers, a circuit of some 3,200 miles [ Roman measure, about 3,106 English miles], with the exception of some allied states which had rendered him good service, he reduced to the form of a province; and imposed upon it a yearly tribute of 40,000,000 sesterces. He was the first Roman to build a bridge and attack the Germans beyond the Rhine; and he inflicted heavy losses upon them. He invaded the Britons too, a people unknown before, vanquished them, and exacted moneys and hostages. Amid all these successes he met with adverse fortune but three times in all: in Britannia, where his fleet narrowly escaped destruction in a violent storm; in Gallia, when one of his legions was routed at Gergovia; and on the borders of Germania, when his lieutenants Titurius and Aurunculeius were ambushed and slain.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar

Event: The Gallic War

Gessit autem nouem annis, quibus in imperio fuit, haec fere. Omnem Galliam, quae saltu Pyrenaeo Alpibusque et monte Cebenna, fluminibus Rheno ac Rhodano continetur patetque circuitu ad bis et tricies centum milia passuum, praeter socias ac bene meritas ciuitates in prouinciae formam redegit, eique [CCCC] in singulos annos stipendii nomine inposuit. Germanos, qui trans Rhenum incolunt, primus Romanorum ponte fabricato adgressus maximis adfecit cladibus; adgressus est et Britannos ignotos antea superatisque pecunias et obsides imperauit; per tot successus ter nec amplius aduersum casum expertus: in Britannia classe ui tempestatis prope absumpta et in Gallia ad Gergouiam legione fusa et in Germanorum finibus Titurio et Aurunculeio legatis per insidias caesis.