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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Claudius, Chapter 40: Indifference and unconcern (cont.)
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He [Note 1] frequently appeared so careless in what he said, and so inattentive to circumstances, that it was believed he never reflected who he himself was, or amongst whom, or at what time, or in what place, he spoke. In the debate in the senate relative to the butchers and vintners, he cried out, " I ask you, who can live without a snack" And mentioned the great plenty of old taverns, from which he himself used formerly to have his wine. Among other reasons for his supporting a certain person who was candidate for the quaestorship, he gave this: " His father," said he, "once gave me, at just the right time, a draught of cold water when I was sick." Upon his bringing a woman as a witness in some cause before the senate, he said, " This woman was my mother's freedwoman and dresser, but she always considered me as her master; and this I say, because there are some still in my family that do not look upon me as such." The people of Ostia addressing him in open court with a petition, he flew into a rage at them, and said, " There is no reason why I should oblige you: if any one else is free to act as he pleases, surely I am." The following expressions he had in his mouth every day, and at all hours and seasons: " What , do you take me for a Telegenius?" And in Greek, Speak, but do not touch me; besides many other familiar sentences, below the dignity of a private person, much more of an emperor, who was not deficient either in eloquence or learning, as having applied himself very closely to the liberal sciences.

Note 1: he = Claudius

Sermonis vero rerumque tantam saepe neglegentiam ostendit, ut nec quis nec inter quos, quoue tempore ac loco uerba faceret, scire aut cogitare existimaretur. Cum de laniis ac vinariis ageretur, exclamavit in curia: "rogo vos, quis potest sine offula viuere?" Descripsitque abundantiam veterum tabernarum, unde solitus esset uinum olim et ipse petere. De quaesturae quodam candidato inter causas suffragationis suae posuit, quod pater eius frigidam aegro sibi tempestiue dedisset. Inducta teste in senatu: "haec," inquit, "matris meae liberta et ornatrix fuit, sed me patronum semper existimavit; hoc ideo dixi, quod quidam sunt adhuc in domo mea, qui me patronum non putant." Sed et pro tribunali Ostiensibus quiddam publice orantibus cum excanduisset, nihil habere se vociferatus est, quare eos demereatur; si quem alium, et se liberum esse. Nam illa eius cotidiana et plane omnium horarum et momentorum erant: "quid, ego tibi Telegenius videor?" et: lalei kai me thiggane, multaque talia etiam privatis deformia, nedum principi, neque infacundo neque indocto, immo etiam pertinaciter liberalibus studiis dedito.