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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Caligula, Chapter 42: Caligula collects money (Cont.)
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But when his daughter [Note 1] was born, complaining of his narrow means, and no longer merely of the burdens of a ruler but of those of a father as well, he [Note 2] took up contributions for the girl's maintenance and dowry. He also made proclamation that he would receive New Year's gifts, and on the Kalends of January took his place in the entrance to the Palace, to clutch the coins which a throng of people of all classes showered on him by handfuls and lapfuls. Finally, seized with a mania for feeling the touch of money, he would often pour out huge piles of gold pieces in some open place, walk over them barefooted, and wallow in them for a long time with his whole body.

Note 1: daughter = Julia Drusilla
Note 2: he = Caligula

Event: Caligula collects money

Filia uero nata paupertatem nec iam imperatoria modo sed et patria conquerens onera conlationes in alimonium ac dotem puellae recepit. Edixit et strenas ineunte anno se recepturum stetitque in uestibulo aedium Kal. Ian. ad captandas stipes, quas plenis ante eum manibus ac sinu omnis generis turba fundebat. Nouissime contrectandae pecuniae cupidine incensus, saepe super immensos aureorum aceruos patentissimo diffusos loco et nudis pedibus spatiatus et toto corpore aliquamdiu uolutatus est.