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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Caligula, Chapter 4: His ancestry: Germanicus, cont.
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He [Note 1] reaped plentiful fruit from these virtues, for he was so respected and beloved by his kindred that Augustus (to say nothing of the rest of his relatives) after hesitating for a long time whether to appoint him his successor, had him adopted by Tiberius. He was so popular with the masses, that, according to many writers, whenever he came to any place or left one, he was sometimes in danger of his life from the crowds that met him or saw him off; in fact, when he returned from Germania after quelling the outbreak, all the cohorts of the Praetorian Guard went forth to meet him, although orders had been given that only two should go, and the whole populace, regardless of age, sex, or rank, poured out of Rome as far as the twentieth milestone.

Note 1: He = Germanicus

Quarum uirtutum fructum uberrimum tulit, sic probatus et dilectus a suis, ut Augustus--omitto enim necessitudines reliquas--diu cunctatus an sibi successorem destinaret, adoptandum Tiberio dederit; sic uulgo fauorabilis, ut plurimi tradant, quotiens aliquo adueniret uel sicunde discederet, prae turba occurrentium prosequentiumue nonnumquam eum discrimen uitae adisse, e Germania uero post compressam seditionem reuertenti praetorianas cohortes uniuersas prodisse obuiam, quamuis pronuntiatum esset, ut duae tantum modo exirent, populi autem Romani sexum, aetatem, ordinem omnem usque ad uicesimum lapidem effudisse se.