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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 1: The Octavii family.
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That the family of the Octavii was of the first distinction in Velitrae, is rendered evident by many circumstances. For in the most frequented part of the town there was, not long since, a street named the Octavian; and an altar was to be seen, consecrated to one Octavius, who being chosen general in a war with some neighbouring people, the enemy making a sudden attack, while he was sacrificing to Mars, he immediately snatched the entrails of the victim from off the fire, and offered them half raw upon the altar; after which, marching out to battle, he returned victorious. This incident gave rise to a law, by which it was enacted, that in all future times the entrails should be offered to Mars in the same manner; and the rest of the victim be carried to the Octavii. Gentem Octaviam Velitris praecipuam olim fuisse, multa declarant. Nam et vicus celeberrima parte oppidi iam pridem Octavius vocabatur et ostendebatur ara Octavio consecrata, qui bello dux finitimo, cum forte Marti rem divinam faceret, nuntiata repente hostis incursione, semicruda exta rapta foco prosecuit, atque ita proelium ingressus victor redit. Decretum etiam publicum extabat, quo cavebatur ut in posterum quoque simili modo exta Marti redderentur, reliquiaeque ad Octavios referrentur.