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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book VI Chapter 24: They proceed
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So spake Apollo's aged prophetess.
Now up and on! she cried. Thy task fulfil!
We must make speed. Behold yon arching doors
Yon walls in furnace of the Cyclops forged!
T is there we are commanded to lay down
Th' appointed offering. So, side by side,
Swift through the intervening dark they strode,
And, drawing near the portal-arch, made pause.
Aeneas, taking station at the door,
Pure, lustral waters o'er his body threw,
And hung for garland there the Golden Bough.
Haec ubi dicta dedit Phoebi longaeua sacerdos,
'sed iam age, carpe uiam et susceptum perfice munus;
acceleremus' ait; 'Cyclopum educta caminis
moenia conspicio atque aduerso fornice portas,
haec ubi nos praecepta iubent deponere dona.'
dixerat et pariter gressi per opaca uiarum
corripiunt spatium medium foribusque propinquant.
occupat Aeneas aditum corpusque recenti
spargit aqua ramumque aduerso in limine figit.