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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book V Chapter 29: The Foundation of Acesta
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Straightway he calls assembly of his friends, --
Acestes first in honor, -- and makes known
Jove's will, the counsel of his cherished sire,
and his own fresh resolve. With prompt assent
they hear his word, nor does Acestes fail
the task to share. They people the new town
with women; and leave every wight behind
who wills it -- souls not thirsting for high praise.
Themselves re-bench their ships, rebuild, and fit
with rope and oar the flame-swept galleys all;
a band not large, but warriors bold and true.
Aeneas, guiding with his hand a plough,
marks out the city's ground, gives separate lands
by lot, and bids within this space appear
a second Troy. Trojan Acestes takes
the kingly power, and with benignant joy
appoints a forum, and decrees just laws
before a gathered senate. Then they raise
on that star-circled Erycinian hill,
the temple to Idalian Venus dear;
and at Anchises' sepulchre ordain
a priesthood and wide groves of hallowed shade.

Event: Aeneas on Sicily

Extemplo socios primumque accersit Acesten
et Iouis imperium et cari praecepta parentis
edocet et quae nunc animo sententia constet.
haud mora consiliis, nec iussa recusat Acestes:
transcribunt urbi matres populumque uolentem
deponunt, animos nil magnae laudis egentis.
ipsi transtra nouant flammisque ambesa reponunt
robora nauigiis, aptant remosque rudentisque,
exigui numero, sed bello uiuida uirtus.
interea Aeneas urbem designat aratro
sortiturque domos; hoc Ilium et haec loca Troiam
esse iubet. gaudet regno Troianus Acestes
indicitque forum et patribus dat iura uocatis.
tum uicina astris Erycino in uertice sedes
fundatur Veneri Idaliae, tumuloque sacerdos
ac lucus late sacer additus Anchiseo.