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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book V Chapter 5: Start of the games
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Arrived the wished-for day; through cloudless sky
the coursers of the Sun's bright-beaming car
bore upward the ninth morn. The neighboring folk
thronged eager to the shore; some hoped to see
Aeneas and his warriors, others fain
would their own prowess prove in bout and game.
Conspicuous lie the rewards, ranged in sight
in the mid-circus; wreaths of laurel green,
the honored tripod, coronals of palm
for conquerors' brows, accoutrements of war,
rare robes of purple stain, and generous weight
of silver and of gold. The trumpet's call
proclaimed from lofty mound the opening games.

Events: Celebration of Anchises' death, Aeneas on Sicily

Exspectata dies aderat nonamque serena
Auroram Phaethontis equi iam luce uehebant,
famaque finitimos et clari nomen Acestae
excierat; laeto complerant litora coetu
uisuri Aeneadas, pars et certare parati.
munera principio ante oculos circoque locantur
in medio, sacri tripodes uiridesque coronae
et palmae pretium uictoribus, armaque et ostro
perfusae uestes, argenti aurique talenta;
et tuba commissos medio canit aggere ludos.