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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book III Chapter 21: Arrival in Italy
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Scarce had Aurora's purple from the sky
warned off the stars, when lying very low
along th' horizon, the dimmed hills we saw
of Italy; Achates first gave cry
Italia!” with answering shouts of joy,
my comrades' voices cried, “Italia, hail!”
Anchises, then, wreathed a great bowl with flowers
and filled with wine, invoking Heaven to bless,
and thus he prayed from our ship's lofty stern:
“O lords of land and sea and every storm!
Breathe favoring breezes for our onward way!”
Fresh blew the prayed-for winds. A haven fair
soon widened near us; and its heights were crowned
by a Greek fane to Pallas. Yet my men
furled sail and shoreward veered the pointing prow.
the port receding from the orient wave
is curved into a bow; on either side
the jutting headlands toss the salt sea-foam
and hide the bay itself. Like double wall
the towered crags send down protecting arms,
while distant from the shore the temple stands.
Here on a green sward, the first omen given,
I [Note 1] saw four horses grazing through the field,
each white as snow. Father Anchises cried:
“Is war thy gift, O new and alien land?
Horses make war; of war these creatures bode.
Yet oft before the chariot of peace
their swift hoofs go, and on their necks they bear
th' obedient yoke and rein. Therefore a hope
of peace is also ours.” Then we implored
Minerva's mercy, at her sacred shrine,
the mail-clad goddess who gave welcome there;
and at an altar, mantling well our brows
the Phrygia way, as Helenus ordained,
we paid the honors his chief counsel urged,
with blameless rite, to Juno, Argive Queen.

Note 1: I = Aeneas

Event: The wanderings of Aeneas

Iamque rubescebat stellis Aurora fugatis
cum procul obscuros collis humilemque uidemus
Italiam. Italiam primus conclamat Achates,
Italiam laeto socii clamore salutant
tum pater Anchises magnum cratera corona
induit impleuitque mero, diuosque uocauit
stans celsa in puppi:
'di maris et terrae tempestatumque potentes,
ferte uiam uento facilem et spirate secundi.'
crebrescunt optatae aurae portusque patescit
iam propior, templumque apparet in arce Mineruae;
uela legunt socii et proras ad litora torquent.
portus ab euroo fluctu curuatus in arcum,
obiectae salsa spumant aspergine cautes,
ipse latet: gemino demittunt bracchia muro
turriti scopuli refugitque ab litore templum.
quattuor hic, primum omen, equos in gramine uidi
tondentis campum late, candore niuali.
et pater Anchises 'bellum, o terra hospita, portas:
bello armantur equi, bellum haec armenta minantur.
sed tamen idem olim curru succedere sueti
quadripedes et frena iugo concordia ferre:
spes et pacis' ait. tum numina sancta precamur
Palladis armisonae, quae prima accepit ouantis,
et capita ante aras Phrygio uelamur amictu,
praeceptisque Heleni, dederat quae maxima, rite
Iunoni Argiuae iussos adolemus honores.