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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book III Chapter 11: To Leucate
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She [Note 1] spoke: her pinions bore her to the grove,
and she was seen no more. But all my band
shuddered with shock of fear in each cold vein;
their drooping spirits trusted swords no more,
but turned to prayers and offerings, asking grace,
scarce knowing if those creatures were divine,
or but vast birds, ill-omened and unclean.
Father Anchises to the gods in heaven
uplifted suppliant hands, and on that shore
due ritual made, crying aloud; “Ye gods
avert this curse, this evil turn away!
Smile, Heaven, upon your faithful votaries.”
Then bade he launch away, the chain undo,
set every cable free and spread all sail.
O'er the white waves we flew, and took our way
where'er the helmsman or the winds could guide.
Now forest-clad Zacynthus met our gaze,
engirdled by the waves; Dulichium,
same, and Neritos, a rocky steep,
uprose. We passed the cliffs of Ithaca
that called Laertes king, and flung our curse
on fierce Ulysses' hearth and native land.
nigh hoar Leucate's clouded crest we drew,
where Phoebus' temple, feared by mariners,
loomed o'er us; thitherward we steered and reached
the little port and town. Our weary fleet
dropped anchor, and lay beached along the strand.

Note 1: She = Celaeno

Events: Prophecy of Celaeno, The wanderings of Aeneas

dixit, et in siluam pennis ablata refugit.
at sociis subita gelidus formidine sanguis
deriguit: cecidere animi, nec iam amplius armis,
sed uotis precibusque iubent exposcere pacem,
siue deae seu sint dirae obscenaeque uolucres.
et pater Anchises passis de litore palmis
numina magna uocat meritosque indicit honores:
'di, prohibete minas; di, talem auertite casum
et placidi seruate pios.' tum litore funem
deripere excussosque iubet laxare rudentis.
tendunt uela Noti: fugimus spumantibus undis
qua cursum uentusque gubernatorque uocabat.
iam medio apparet fluctu nemorosa Zacynthos
Dulichiumque Sameque et Neritos ardua saxis.
effugimus scopulos Ithacae, Laertia regna,
et terram altricem saeui exsecramur Vlixi.
mox et Leucatae nimbosa cacumina montis
et formidatus nautis aperitur Apollo.
hunc petimus fessi et paruae succedimus urbi;
ancora de prora iacitur, stant litore puppes.