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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book III Chapter 5: Prayer of Aeneas
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Then, kneeling at the shrine of time-worn stone:
"Thou [Note 1] who at Thymbra on the Trojan shore
hast often blessed my prayer, O, give to me [Note 2]
a hearth and home, and to this war-worn band
defensive towers and offspring multiplied
in an abiding city; give to Troy
a second citadel, that shall survive
Achilles' wrath and all our Argive foe.
Whom shall we follow? Whither lies our way?
Where wilt thou grant us an abiding-place?
Send forth, O King, thy voice oracular,
and on our spirits move."

Note 1: Thou = Apollo
Note 2: me = Aeneas

Events: The wanderings of Aeneas, Aeneas visits Delos

Templa dei saxo uenerabar structa uetusto:
'da propriam, Thymbraee, domum; da moenia fessis
et genus et mansuram urbem; serua altera Troiae
Pergama, reliquias Danaum atque immitis Achilli.
quem sequimur? quoue ire iubes? ubi ponere sedes?
da, pater, augurium atque animis inlabere nostris.'