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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book II Chapter 29: Creusa wants to join Aeneas in battle
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I [Note 1] clasped my sword-belt round me once again,
fitted my left arm to my shield, and turned
to fly the house; but at the threshold clung
Creusa to my knees, and lifted up
Iulus to his father's arms. "If thou
wouldst rush on death," she cried, "O, suffer us
to share thy perils with thee to the end.
But if this day's work bid thee trust a sword,
defend thy hearthstone first. Who else shall guard
thy babe Iulus, or thy reverend sire? [Note 2]
Or me, thy wife that was -- what help have I?"

Note 1: I = Aeneas
Note 2: sire = Anchises

Event: The Flight of Aeneas

Hinc ferro accingor rursus clipeoque sinistram
insertabam aptans meque extra tecta ferebam.
ecce autem complexa pedes in limine coniunx
haerebat, paruumque patri tendebat Iulum:
'si periturus abis, et nos rape in omnia tecum;
sin aliquam expertus sumptis spem ponis in armis,
hanc primum tutare domum. cui paruus Iulus,
cui pater et coniunx quondam tua dicta relinquor?'