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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book XII Chapter 25: Saces informs Turnus
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Scarce had he said, when through the foeman's line
Saces dashed forth upon a foaming steed,
his face gashed by an arrow. He cried loud
on Turnus' name: O Turnus, but in thee
our last hope lies. Have pity on the woe
of all thy friends and kin! Aeneas hurls
his thunderbolt of war, and menaces
to crush the strongholds of all Italy,
and lay them low; already where we dwell
his firebrands are raining. Unto thee
the Latins look, and for thy valor call.
The king sits dumb and helpless, even he,
in doubt which son-in-law, which cause to choose.
Yea, and the queen, thy truest friend, is fallen
by her own hand; gone mad with grief and fear,
she fled the light of day. At yonder gates
Messapus only and Atinas bear
the brunt of battle; round us closely draw
the serried ranks; their naked blades of steel
are thick as ripening corn; wilt thou the while
speed in thy chariot o'er this empty plain?
Dazed and bewildered by such host of ills,
Turnus stood dumb; in his pent bosom stirred
shame, frenzy, sorrow, a despairing love
goaded to fury, and a warrior's pride
of valor proven.

Event: Renewal of the war.

Vix ea fatus erat: medios uolat ecce per hostis
uectus equo spumante Saces, aduersa sagitta
saucius ora, ruitque implorans nomine Turnum:
'Turne, in te suprema salus, miserere tuorum.
fulminat Aeneas armis summasque minatur
deiecturum arces Italum excidioque daturum,
iamque faces ad tecta uolant. in te ora Latini,
in te oculos referunt; mussat rex ipse Latinus
quos generos uocet aut quae sese ad foedera flectat.
praeterea regina, tui fidissima, dextra
occidit ipsa sua lucemque exterrita fugit.
soli pro portis Messapus et acer Atinas
sustentant acies. circum hos utrimque phalanges
stant densae strictisque seges mucronibus horret
ferrea; tu currum deserto in gramine uersas.'
obstipuit uaria confusus imagine rerum
Turnus et obtutu tacito stetit; aestuat ingens
uno in corde pudor mixtoque insania luctu
et furiis agitatus amor et conscia uirtus.
ut primum discussae umbrae et lux reddita menti,
ardentis oculorum orbis ad moenia torsit
turbidus eque rotis magnam respexit ad urbem.