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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book X Chapter 30: Further killing
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Then Caedicus cut down Alcathous,
Sacrator slew Hydaspes, Rapo smote
Parthenius and Orses stout and strong;
Messapus, good blade cut down Clonius
and Ericetes, fierce Lycaon's child;
the one from an unbridled war-horse thrown,
the other slain dismounted. Then rode forth
Agis the Lycian, but bold Valerus,
true to his valiant breeding, hurled him down;
having slain Thronius, Salius was slain
by skilled Nealces, of illustrious name
for spear well cast and far-surprising bow.

Event: Aeneas relieves the siege of the Trojan camp

Caedicus Alcathoum obtruncat, Sacrator Hydaspen
partheniumque Rapo et praedurum uiribus Orsen,
Messapus Cloniumque Lycaoniumque Erichaeten,
illum infrenis equi lapsu tellure iacentem,
hunc peditem. pedes et Lycius processerat Agis,
quem tamen haud expers Valerus uirtutis auitae
deicit; at Thronium Salius Saliumque Nealces
insidiis, iaculo et longe fallente sagitta.