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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book X Chapter 12: Turnus defends the shore
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But Turnus, undismayed,
trusted not less to hurl th' invaders back
and hold the shore against them. Look! he cried,
your prayer is come to pass, -- that sword in hand
ye now may shatter them. The might of Mars
is in a true man's blow. Remember well
each man his home and wife! Now call to mind
the glory and great deeds of all your sires!
Charge to yon river-bank, while yet they take
with weak and fearful steps their shoreward way!
Fortune will help the brave. With words like these,
he chose, well-weighing, who should lead the charge,
who at the leaguered walls the fight sustain.

Event: Aeneas relieves the siege of the Trojan camp

Haud tamen audaci Turno fiducia cessit
litora praecipere et uenientis pellere terra.
[ultro animos tollit dictis atque increpat ultro:]
'quod uotis optastis adest, perfringere dextra.
in manibus Mars ipse uiris. nunc coniugis esto
quisque suae tectique memor, nunc magna referto
facta, patrum laudes. ultro occurramus ad undam
dum trepidi egressisque labant uestigia prima.
audentis Fortuna iuuat.'
haec ait, et secum uersat quos ducere contra
uel quibus obsessos possit concredere muros.