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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book IX Chapter 24: Pandarus and Bitias
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The brothers Pandarus and Bitias,
of whom Alcanor was the famous sire,
on Ida hell-born, and whom Iaera bred
in sacred wood of Jove, an oread she,
twin warriors, like their native hills and trees
of stature proud, now burst those portals wide
to them in ward consigned, and sword in hand
challenge the foe to enter. Side by side,
steel-clad, their tall heads in bright crested helms,
to left and right, like towers, the champions stand
as when to skyward, by the gliding waves
of gentle Athesis or Padus wide,
a pair of oaks uprise, and lift in air
their shaggy brows and nodding crests sublime.
In burst the Rutules where the onward way
seemed open wide; Quercens no tarrying knows,
nor proud Aquiculus in well-wrought arms;
Tmarus sweeps on impetuous, and the host
of Haemon, child of Mars. Some routed fly;
some lay their lives down at the gate. Wild rage
o'erflows each martial breast, and gathered fast
the Trojans rally to one point, and dare
close conflict, or long sallies o'er the plain.

Event: Attack of Turnus on the Trojan camp

Pandarus et Bitias, Idaeo Alcanore creti,
quos Iouis eduxit luco siluestris Iaera
abietibus iuuenes patriis et montibus aequos,
portam, quae ducis imperio commissa, recludunt
freti armis, ultroque inuitant moenibus hostem.
ipsi intus dextra ac laeua pro turribus astant
armati ferro et cristis capita alta corusci:
quales aeriae liquentia flumina circum
siue Padi ripis Athesim seu propter amoenum
consurgunt geminae quercus intonsaque caelo
attollunt capita et sublimi uertice nutant.
inrumpunt aditus Rutuli ut uidere patentis:
continuo Quercens et pulcher Aquiculus armis
et praeceps animi Tmarus et Mauortius Haemon
agminibus totis aut uersi terga dedere
aut ipso portae posuere in limine uitam.
tum magis increscunt animis discordibus irae,
et iam collecti Troes glomerantur eodem
et conferre manum et procurrere longius audent.