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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book IX Chapter 15: The Rutules mourn
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The Rutules seized the spoils of victory,
and slowly to their camp, with wail and cry,
bore Volscens' corse; and in the camp they made
like wailing over Rhamnes lifeless found,
o'er Numa and Serranus, and a throng
of princes dead. The gazing people pressed
around the slain, the dying, where the earth
ran red with slaughter and full many a stream
of trickling gore; nor did they fail to know
Messapus' glittering helm, his baldric fair,
recaptured now with lavish sweat and pain.

Event: Sortie of Nisus and Euryalis

Victores praeda Rutuli spoliisque potiti
Volcentem exanimum flentes in castra ferebant.
nec minor in castris luctus Rhamnete reperto
exsangui et primis una tot caede peremptis,
Serranoque Numaque. ingens concursus ad ipsa
corpora seminecisque uiros, tepidaque recentem
caede locum et pleno spumantis sanguine riuos.
agnoscunt spolia inter se galeamque nitentem
Messapi et multo phaleras sudore receptas.