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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book IX Chapter 14: Final song about Nisus and Euryalis
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Heroic pair [Note 1] and blest! If aught I [Note 2] sing
have lasting music, no remotest age
shall blot your names from honor's storied scroll:
not while the altars of Aeneas' line
shall crown the Capitol's unshaken hill,
nor while the Roman Father's hand sustains
its empire o'er the world.

Note 1: pair = Nisus and Euryalis
Note 2: I = Virgil

Event: Sortie of Nisus and Euryalis

Fortunati ambo! si quid mea carmina possunt,
nulla dies umquam memori uos eximet aeuo,
dum domus Aeneae Capitoli immobile saxum
accolet imperiumque pater Romanus habebit.