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The Aeneid by Virgil
translated by Theodore C. Williams
Book VII Chapter 26: Invocation
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Virgins of Helicon, renew my song!
Instruct me what proud kings to battle flown
with following legions throng the serried plain.
Tell me what heroes and illustrious arms
Italia's bosom in her dawning day
benignant bore: for your celestial minds,
have memory of the past, but faint and low
steals glory's whisper on a mortal ear.

Event: Preparations for war between the Trojans and Latium.

Pandite nunc Helicona, deae, cantusque mouete,
qui bello exciti reges, quae quemque secutae
complerint campos acies, quibus Itala iam tum
floruerit terra alma uiris, quibus arserit armis;
et meministis enim, diuae, et memorare potestis;
ad nos uix tenuis famae perlabitur aura.