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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Titus, Chapter 11: Obituary
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He [Note 1] died in the same farmhouse as his father the old homestead at Cutilae, near Rheate; [see Vesp. xxiv. That this continued to be a villa rustica is implied in Vesp. ii.1], on the Ides of September, two years, two months and twenty days after succeeding Vespasian, in the forty-second year of his age [September 13, 81 C.E.]. When his death was made known, the whole populace mourned as they would for a loss in their own families, the Senate hastened to the Curia before it was summoned by proclamation, and with the doors still shut, and then with them open, rendered such thanks to him and heaped such praise on him after death as they had never done even when he was alive and present.

Note 1: he = Titus