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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Titus, Chapter 4: Titus as an adult
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He [Note 1] served as military tribune both in Germania and in Britannia, winning a high reputation for energy and no less for integrity, as is evident from the great number of his statues and busts in both those provinces and from the inscriptions they bear. After his military service he pleaded in the Forum, rather for glory than as a profession, and at the same time took to wife Arrecina Tertulla, whose father, though only a Roman eques, had once been prefect of the Praetorian cohorts; on her death he replaced her by Marcia Furnilla, a lady of a very distinguished family, but divorced her after he had acknowledged a daughter [Note 2] which she bore him. Then, after holding the office of quaestor as commander of a legion he subjugated the two strong cities of Tarichaeae and Gamala in Judaea, having his horse killed under him in one battle and mounting another, whose rider had fallen fighting by his side.

Note 1: he = Titus
Note 2: daughter = Julia Sabina

Event: The First Jewish-Roman War