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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Titus, Chapter 1: Birth of Titus
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Titus, of the same surname as his father [Note 1], was the delight and darling of the human race; such ability had he, by nature, art, or good fortune, to win the affections of all men, and that, too, which is no easy task, while he was emperor; for as a private citizen, and even during his father's rule, he did not escape hatred, much less public criticism. He was born on the third day before the Kalends of January [December 30, 41 C.E.], in the year memorable for the death of Gaius, in a mean house near the Septizonium [Some building of seven stories; the famous Septizonium on the Palatine was the work of Septimius Severus] and in a very small dark room besides; for it still remains and is on exhibition.

Note 1: father = Verspasian