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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Tiberius Chapter 26: A modest start
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Once relieved of fear, he [Note 1] at first played a most unassuming part, almost humbler than that of a private citizen. Of many high honours he accepted only a few of the more modest. He barely consented to allow his birthday, which came at the time of the Plebeian games the Circus, to be recognized by the addition of a single two-horse chariot. He forbade the voting of temples, flamens and priests in his honour, and even the setting up of statues and busts without his permission; and this he gave only with the understanding that they were not to be placed among the likenesses of the gods, but among the adornments of the temples. He would not allow an oath to be taken ratifying his acts nor the name Tiberius to be given to the month of September, or that of Livia to October. He also declined the forename Imperator, the surname of Father of his country, and the placing of the civic crown at his door; and he did not even use the title of Augustus in any letters except those to kings and potentates, although it was his by inheritance. He held but three consulships after becoming emperor -- - one for a few days [18 A.D.], a second for three months [21 A.D.], and a third, during his absence from the city, until the Ides of May [31 A.D.].

Note 1: He = Tiberius