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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Tiberius Chapter 9: Start of Tiberius' military career
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His first military service was as tribune of the soldiers in the campaign against the Cantabrians [25 B.C.]; then he [Note 1] led an army to the Orient and restored the throne of Armenia to Tigranes, crowning him on the tribunal. He besides recovered the standards which the Parthians had taken from Marcus Crassus. Then for about a year he was governor of Gallia Comata [ Trans-Alpine Gaul], which was in a state of unrest through the inroads of the barbarians and the dissensions of its chiefs. Next he carried on war with the Raeti and Vindelici, then in Pannonia, and finally in Germania. In the first of these wars he subdued the Alpine tribes, in the second the Breuci and Dalmatians, and in the third he brought forty thousand prisoners of war over into Gaul and assigned them homes near the bank of the Rhine. Because of these exploits he entered the city both in an ovation [7 B.C.] and riding in a chariot [9 B.C.], having previously, as some think, been honoured with the triumphal regalia, a new kind of distinction never before conferred upon anyone. He entered upon the offices of quaestor, praetor and consul before the usual age, and held them almost without an interval; then after a time he was made consul again [6 B.C.], at the same time receiving the tribunicial power for five years.

Note 1: Tiberius

Events: The Cantabrian war, Tiberius in Armenia, Revolt in Illyricum, Tiberius in Germany