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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Otho, Chapter 4: Otho and Galba[AD 69]
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When at last an opportunity for revenge was given him, Otho was the first to espouse Galba's causes, at the same time conceiving on his own account high hopes of imperial power, because of the state of the times, but still more because of a declaration of the astrologer Seleucus [ Tacitus and Plutarch give Ptolemy as the name of the astrologer]. For he had not only promised Otho some time before that he would survive Nero, but had at this time unexpectedly appeared unsought and made the further promise, that he would soon become emperor as well. Accordingly, Otho let slip no opportunity for flattery or attention to anyone. Whenever he entertained the princeps at dinner, he gave a gold piece to each man of the cohort on guard, and put all the soldiers under obligation in one form or another. Chosen arbiter by a man who was at law with his neighbor about a part of his estate, he bought the whole property and presented it to him. As a result there was hardly anyone who did not both think and openly declare that he alone was worthy to succeed to the empire.

Event: Galba becomes emperor