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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Julius Caesar, Chapter 37: The Civil war, comment.[48-5 BC]
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Having ended the wars, he [Note 1] celebrated five triumphs, four in a single month, but at intervals of a few days, after vanquishing Scipio; and another on defeating Pompeius' sons. The first and most splendid was the Gallic triumph, the next the Alexandrian, then the Pontic, after that the African, and finally the Hispanic, each differing from the rest in its equipment and display of spoils. As he rode through the Velabrum on the day of his Gallic triumph, the axle of his chariot broke, and he was all but thrown out; and he mounted the Capitol by torchlight, with forty elephants bearing lamps on his right and his left. In his Pontic triumph [Note 2] he displayed among the show-pieces of the procession an inscription of but three words, I came, I saw, I conquered, [' Veni, vidi, vici'], not indicating the events of the war, as the others did, but the speed with which it was finished.

Note 1: he = Julius Caesar
Note 2: War against Pharnaces. Battle of Zela

Event: The Civil war