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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Caligula, Chapter 47: Military affairs of Caligula (Cont.)
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When turning his attention to his triumph, in addition to a few captives and deserters from the barbarians he [Note 1] chose all the tallest of the Gauls, and as he expressed it, those who were worthy of a triumph, as well as some of the chiefs. These he reserved for his parade, compelling them not only to dye their hair red and to let it grow long, but also to learn the language of the Germans and assume barbarian names. He also had the triremes in which he had entered the Ocean carried overland to Rome for the greater part of the way. He wrote besides to his financial agents to prepare for a triumph at the smallest possible cost, but on a grander scale than had ever before been known, since the goods of all were at their disposal.

Note 1: he = Caligula

Event: Military affairs of Caligula