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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 83: Exercises.
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As soon as the civil wars were ended, he [Note 1] gave up riding, and other military exercises in the Campus Martius, and took to playing at ball, or football; but soon afterwards used no other exercise than that of going abroad in his litter, or walking. Towards the end of his walk he would run leaping, wrapped up in a short cloak or cape. For amusement, he would sometimes angle, or play with dice, pebbles, or nuts, with little boys, collected from various countries, and particularly Moors and Syrians, for their beauty or amusing talk. But dwarfs, and such as were in any way deformed, he held in abhorrence, as Lusus Naturae (nature's abortions), and of evil omen.

Note 1: he = Augustus