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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 37: Further political measures
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To augment the number of persons employed in the administration of the state, he [Note 1] devised several new offices: such as surveyors of the public buildings, of the roads, the aquaducts, and the bed of the Tiber; for the distribution of grain to the people; the prefecture of the city; a triumvirate for the election of the senators; and another for inspecting the several troops of the equestrian order, as often as it was necessary. He revived the office of censor, which had been long disused, and increased the number of praetors. He likewise required that whenever the consulship was conferred on him he should have two colleagues instead of one; but his proposal was rejected, all the senators declaring by acclamation that he abated his high majesty quite enough in not filling the office alone, and consenting to share it with another.

Note 1: he = Augustus