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Twelve Emperors by Suetonius

Augustus, Chapter 15: Siege of Perugia. Cont.[42 BC]
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After the taking of Perugia, he [Note 1] sentenced a great number of the prisoners to death, making only one reply to all who implored pardon, or endeavoured to excuse themselves, You must die. Some authors write, that three hundred knights and senators, selected from the rest, were slaughtered, like victims, before an altar raised to Julius Caesar, upon the Ides of March. Nay there are some who relate, that he entered upon the war with no other view, than that his secret enemies, and those whom fear more than affection kept quiet, might be detected, by declaring themselves, now they had an opportunity, with Lucius Antony at their head; and that having defeated them, and confiscated their estates, he might be enabled to fulfil his promises to the veteran soldiers.

Note 1: he = Augustus

Event: Siege of Perugia