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History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita) by Livy
Translated by Rev. Canon Roberts
Book II Chapter 4: The conspiracy to restore the Tarquins(cont.)[509 BC]
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The project was at first entrusted to the brothers Vitellii Aquilii. The sister of the Vitellii was married to the consul Brutus, and there were grown-up children from this marriage -- Titus and Tiberius. Their uncles took them into the conspiracy, there were others besides, whose names have been lost.

In the meantime the opinion that the property ought to be restored was adopted by the majority of the senate, and this enabled the envoys to prolong their stay, as the consuls required time to provide vehicles for conveying the goods. They employed their time in consultations with the conspirators, and they insisted on getting a letter, which they were to give to the Tarquins, for without such a guarantee, they argued, how could they be sure that their envoys had not brought back empty promises in a matter of such vast importance? A letter was accordingly given as a pledge of good faith, and this it was that led to the discovery of the plot. The day previous to the departure of the envoys they happened to be dining at the house of the Vitellii. After all who were not in the secret had left, the conspirators discussed many details respecting their projected treason, which were overheard by one [Note 1] of the slaves, who had previously suspected that something was afoot, but was waiting for the moment when the letter should be given, as its seizure would be a complete proof of the plot. When he found that it had been given, he disclosed the affair to the consuls. They at once proceeded to arrest the envoys and the conspirators, and crushed the whole plot without exciting any alarm. Their first care was to secure the letter before it was destroyed. The traitors were forthwith thrown into prison; there was some hesitation in dealing with the envoys, and although they had evidently been guilty of a hostile act, the rights of international law were accorded them.

Note 1: one = Vindicius

Event: Conspiracy of the Tarquins.

Vitelliis Aquiliisque fratribus primo commissa res est. Vitelliorum soror consuli nupta Bruto erat, iamque ex eo matrimonio adulescentes erant liberi, Titus Tiberiusque; eos quoque in societatem consilii auunculi adsumunt. Praeterea aliquot nobiles adulescentes conscii adsumpti, quorum uetustate memoria abiit. Interim cum in senatu uicisset sententia quae censebat reddenda bona, eamque ipsam causam morae in urbe haberent legati quod spatium ad uehicula comparanda a consulibus sumpsissent quibus regum asportarent res, omne id tempus cum coniuratis consultando absumunt, euincuntque instando ut litterae sibi ad Tarquinios darentur: nam aliter qui credituros eos non uana ab legatis super rebus tantis adferri? Datae litterae ut pignus fidei essent, manifestum facinus fecerunt. Nam cum pridie quam legati ad Tarquinios proficiscerentur cenatum forte apud Vitellios esset, coniuratique ibi, remotis arbitris, multa inter se de nouo, ut fit, consilio egissent, sermonem eorum ex seruis unus excepit, qui iam antea id senserat agi, sed eam occasionem, ut litterae legatis darentur quae deprehensae rem coarguere possent, exspectabat. Postquam datas sensit, rem ad consules detulit. Consules ad deprehendendos legatos coniuratosque profecti domo sine tumultu rem omnem oppressere; litterarum in primis habita cura ne interciderent. Proditoribus extemplo in uincla coniectis, de legatis paululum addubitatum est; et quamquam uisi sunt commisisse ut hostium loco essent, ius tamen gentium ualuit.