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History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita) by Livy
Translated by Rev. Canon Roberts
Content of Book XIV[277 - 272 BC]
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Content of Book XIV. 277 - 272 BC

Pyrrhus crosses over into Sicily.

[277 BC.]

Many prodigies, among which, the statue of Jupiter in the Capitol is struck by lightning, and thrown down.

[276 BC.]

The head of it afterwards found by the priests. Curius Dentatus, holding a levy, puts up to sale the goods of a person who refuses to answer to his name when called upon.

[ 275 BC.]

Pyrrhus, after his return from Sicily, is defeated, and compelled to quit Italy. The censors hold a lustrum, and find the number of the citizens to be two hundred and sevent - one thousand two hundred and twenty-four.

[273 BC.]

A treaty of alliance formed with Ptolemy, king of Egypt. Sextilia, a vestal, found guilty of incest, and buried alive. Two colonies sent forth, to Posidonium and Cossa.

[272 BC.]

A Carthaginian fleet sails, in aid of the Tarentines, by which act the treaty is violated. Successful operations against the Lucanians, the Samnites, and the Bruttians. Death of king Pyrrhus.

Events: Pyrrhus in Sicily, Lightning in Rome, Pyrrhus defeated, Alliance with Ptolemy II of Egypt, Sextilia, a Vestal, condemned, Carthaginians help Tarentines, War with Lucanians of 272 BC, War with Samnites of 272 BC, War with Bruttians of 272 BC