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Edited sources
Edited sources are documents of an original work of Roman times in which the names of interesting subjects involved are presented as a link to the system.
This includes links to persons, places, peoples, events and other subjects. If necessary books are split into chapters, and titles of the chapters are added.
If in a chapter a person is not mentioned by name the indication like "dictator", "consul", "wife", "daughter" etc., will be presented as a note.
The (edited) English translation, sometimes with the original Latin text:
'Agricola' by Tacitus
'The Annals' by Tacitus
'The Gallic War' by Julius Caesar
Of some chapters a Dutch translation is available as well.
'Germania' by Tacitus
'The Histories' by Tacitus
'The Aeneid' by Virgil
'The deeds of Augustus' by Augustus
'History of Rome', Book I-XXVIII, XI-XX as abstract, by Livy
Metamorphosis Book XIII-XV by Ovid
'Twelve Caesars' by Suetonius

Originally in Greek:
'The Goths' by Jordanes
'Mispogon (Beard-hater)' by Julian
Lives by Plutarch

Other possibilities:

Quotes from edited sources:
Quotes about persons
Quotes about geografical entities
Quotes about other subjects

Persons mentioned in more than two of these edited sources.

Links to non-edited sources
Links are presented to documents that contain links to or lead to the texts of books etc. this person wrote.
Some links lead in the end to the same document.