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General introduction

I collected quite a few documents on Internet dealing with the Roman empire and people involved with it, or on people the Romans were interested in (like those of Greek mythology), and I decided that an index to persons, places, peoples, events, images and other subjects would be appropriate.
For details on which documents are in the system see Content
Soon all kinds of problems turned up.
Two of the main problems regarding to persons are synonyms (more names refer to the same person) and homonyms (more than one person indicated by the same name).
E.g.: Caesar could refer to all emperors in the Roman empire, each of which has at least one other name. A more detailed description of these problems and some others is found in synonyms and homonyms
Therefore I decided to give persons a number and store the data in a database.
What you can find in this system is decribed in Information available.
Query possibilities are described in query information.
Some questions regarding Copyright are found in Copyright questions
The system must contain many errors. If you find one please let me know.

Michiel Osinga