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Holy and Sacred

Holy and Sacred" as quoted in edited sources
List of terms with frequency:

Holy angel(1)
Holy angels(4)
Holy apostles(2)
Holy awe(1)
Holy beam(1)
Holy brethren(2)
Holy brow(1)
Holy care(1)
Holy chariot(1)
Holy child(1)
Holy city(5)
Holy commandment(1)
Holy conversation(1)
Holy day(1)
Holy days(2)
Holy doors(1)
Holy emblems(2)
Holy faith(1)
Holy father(2)
Holy fillet(1)
Holy fire(4)
Holy flames(1)
Holy Ghost(55)
Holy ground(1)
Holy groves(1)
Holy hands(2)
Holy hands(1)
Holy hearth(1)
Holy heifer(1)
Holy heifers(1)
Holy image(2)
Holy incense(1)
Holy kiss(4)
Holy laurel crown(1)
Holy Men(2)
Holy mount(2)
Holy mysteries(1)
Holy oracle(1)
Holy place(5)
Holy places(5)
Holy portals(1)
Holy power(1)
Holy priesthood(1)
Holy priests(1)
Holy prophetess(1)
Holy prophets(4)
Holy rites(3)
Holy scriptures(2)
Holy shade(2)
Holy shore(1)
Holy shrine(1)
Holy songs(1)
Holy Spirit(3)
Holy stream(1)
Holy temple(2)
Holy temples(1)
Holy top(1)
Holy vehicle(1)
Holy virgin(1)
Holy virgins(2)
Holy vow(1)
Holy women(2)
Sacred altar(2)
Sacred altar-fires(1)
Sacred anchor(1)
Sacred banquets(1)
Sacred birds(1)
Sacred birth(1)
Sacred blood(1)
Sacred board(1)
Sacred body(1)
Sacred bones(1)
Sacred Books(11)
Sacred boughs(3)
Sacred boundary stones(1)
Sacred bourne(1)
Sacred bowl(1)
Sacred bread(1)
Sacred brow(2)
Sacred chariot(1)
Sacred chickens(5)
Sacred citadel(1)
Sacred city(1)
Sacred crowns(1)
Sacred cult(1)
Sacred cup(1)
Sacred custom(1)
Sacred days(2)
Sacred doors(1)
Sacred drop(1)
Sacred duties(2)
Sacred duty(0)
Sacred duty(1)
Sacred edifices(1)
Sacred effigies(1)
Sacred emblems(1)
Sacred entrails(1)
Sacred fanes(1)
Sacred feast(2)
Sacred feasts(1)
Sacred festival(2)
Sacred festivals(1)
Sacred fillet(3)
Sacred fire(1)
Sacred fires(2)
Sacred function(1)
Sacred functions(4)
Sacred funeral games(1)
Sacred furrow(1)
Sacred Games(2)
Sacred garlands(2)
Sacred geese(1)
Sacred ground(2)
Sacred grove(2)
Sacred grove of Marica(1)
Sacred groves(5)
Sacred guilds(1)
Sacred head(1)
Sacred Hill(9)
Sacred icons(1)
Sacred images(1)
Sacred island(3)
Sacred king(1)
Sacred Laws(5)
Sacred leaf(1)
Sacred league(1)
Sacred loaf(1)
Sacred memorial(1)
Sacred Mount(3)
Sacred mysteries(1)
Sacred name(1)
Sacred oath(2)
Sacred offering(1)
Sacred office(3)
Sacred offices(1)
Sacred olive(1)
Sacred pine(1)
Sacred place(1)
Sacred plough(1)
Sacred portal(1)
Sacred precincts(1)
Sacred procession(1)
Sacred rite(4)
Sacred Rites(26)
Sacred rituals(1)
Sacred shades(1)
Sacred shields(4)
Sacred ships(1)
Sacred shore(1)
Sacred shrine(2)
Sacred sire(1)
Sacred stream(2)
Sacred temple(1)
Sacred temples(1)
Sacred throne(1)
Sacred treasures(2)
Sacred tree(2)
Sacred utensils(1)
Sacred vale(1)
Sacred vessels(3)
Sacred virgins(1)
Sacred vow(1)
Sacred wall(1)
Sacred waters(2)
Sacred Way(5)
Sacred wood(2)
Sacred zeal(1)