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Quote of the day: One Musonius Rufus, a man of equestrian

Links to unorthodox, unusual or weird ideas about historical subjects.

This collection is not restricted to historical subjects of Roman times.


For the father of Jesus see Mary
See also Mary Magdalene

The Way
King Jesus, Count Belisarius, Homer's Daughter
Christ in Britain
Did Jesus Really Exist
Divus Julius - Homepage
Jesus Christ=Julius Caesar?
Judas: Mary Magdalene
Mary as Goddess: Magdalen
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Robert Graves
Star of Bethlehem
The Christ myth
The Crucifixion was a Fraud
The Star of Bethlehem
Jesus and Barabbas
Jesus outside the New Testament
The Mystery of Barabbas
Proof that Jesus never existed
The Absurd Life: Barabbas and Christ
The Census of Quirinius and the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth
The Origins of Christianity
The Twelve: further fictions from the New Testament
The Piso Family wrote the New Testament
Christ in Britain