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Several types of queries are possible:

Name searches
You can use wildcards in a limited way (caused by ASP):
You can use * at the end and at the begin of a (part of a) name.
With the names corresponding to the query you get a number, and indication of this persons function, and a year important for this person (if available).
Names with the same number are synonyms referring to the same person.

Famous persons
For famous persons it is possible to ask specific queries:
For each name only one person is considered famous. If two persons are equally famous both are not included. E.g. the Pliny's.

Combining answers
Two types of answers can be combined: when you displayed two (or more) persons you can get the documents in which two persons are referred to.
When you displayed two lists by function you can get the persons on both lists.

By year
You can find people that are either born, or died in a period of time, or for whom a certain year was very important.

Seldom asked questions
A collection of peculiar facts.

Most likely the system contains many errors.
If you find one please let me know.

Michiel Osinga