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On copyright

Copyright is a complicated problem as far as Internet is concerned.
I mention a few examples.
- When somebody writes a document and puts it on Internet it is simple:
He (or she) has the copyright.
- But what if somebody scans an old book and puts its content on Internet.
Does he (or she) have the copyright of the scanned material? Somebody else might scan the same old book, without copyright infringement. But is it allowed to copy such material into your own site?
And if not, would it be allowed to copy such material if it is present on two sites?
Or three (four, five, ...)?
- What about scanned pictures of copyright free images? Can you show (a thumbnail of) the linked picture on your own site?
- What if the pictures appear on an auction-site? After the auction the pictures disappear from the site. Are you allowed to use a copy of such a picture on your own site?
- What if the site pictures are on disappears? If you copied the pictures are you allowed to use them on your site as soon as the original site has disappeared?
- But what if it only got another URL and you missed that? Has somebody to prove that it is in fact the same site?

If somebody knows the answer to these questions please let me know.