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Quote of the day: Nero however, that he might not be known


As mentioned, I collected quite a few documents from the Internet dealing with the Roman Empire. At this moment about 4000 documents, comprising about 37556 links of persons from a database to these documents, and links to 4000 images of these persons.
The Internet documents comprise two classes:
- Original documents from that time. I add these as 'edited documents'. This means that if necessary these documents ("books") are split into chapters, and these chapters are analyzed, i.e. persons, places, names of tribes,  events and other subjects are indicated as a link to the database system. At the moment the following works have been edited:

Title AuthorNo. of BooksNo. of Documents
Agricola Tacitus 1 book 46 documents.
Annals Tacitus 12 books 721 documents.
Life of AugustusAugustus 1 book 1 document.
De Bello Gallico Julius Caesar 7 books 348 documents.
Germania Tacitus 1 book 46 documents.
The Goth Jordanes1 book 62 documents.
Historiae Tacitus 5 books 389 documents.
History of Rome Livy 18 books 951 documents.
Parallel lives (Romans)Plutarchus 13 books487 documents.
Metamorphosis Ovid 3 books53 documents.
Mispogon Julian 1 book37 documents.
12 Caesars Suetonius12 books 541 documents.
Aeneid Vergil 12 books390 documents.
New TestamentSeveral authors 27 books 260 documents.

In all 4182 edited documents.
Sometimes these documents contain footnotes with names of persons. Sometimes I added these names to the database, sometimes I did not.

- Documents created much later. Often the Internet version of an Encyclopedia article, or a whole encyclopedia.
I have tried to include documents dealing with the Roman republic and the Empire, and of other countries as far as it is related to Rome, up to the year 500. However, not all documents give the year in which certain events happened. In cases of doubt I added the document. Some arbitrariness is unavoidable.
Persons from other people are added as far as they are connected to the Romans. In the Aeneid many Greek heros are mentioned, and they are included. This lead to a separate section on Greek mythology, in which many other persons are included.
A problem I did not solve is the problem of quotation. Authors are often quoted, e.g. the evangelists and Eusebius of Caesarea, which gives them an entry in the database. This may lead to a lot of less useful links.
It is often difficult to determine when quoted persons lived.

Of course the system is far from complete. More persons and many more documents will have to be added, and also other categories of information. If time (20 years?) and money allow I will do that.

Most likely the system comprises many errors.
If you find one please let me know.

Michiel Osinga